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Our Executive Management Team
Ron Fox, CFP®, CIM®
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

I believe that good financial planning advisors possess a gift to do what they do well. It is a gift born of empathy and supported by knowledge, experience and expertise in providing solutions, context and perspective for their clients' financial concerns, repeatedly, over time, while inspiring a deep sense of trust and loyalty along the way.

I also believe in the important functional role that financial planning professionals serve in establishing the foundation of client knowledge and understanding that effective, customized goals based investment management and monitoring service can draw from and be based on.

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Scott Baker, CFA
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer

What excites me about Glidepath Portfolio Services is the opportunity to work with financial planning advisors and their clients to construct and manage customized separately managed portfolios. Historically these types of solutions have been the privy of the ultra-wealthy and of pension funds. It is our intention to make customized portfolio management widely available to the much broader base of Canadian investors who are clients of our financial planning advisor partners.

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Greg Taylor, RRC®
Managing Director, Senior Vice President

For over 23 years it has been an honour to serve my clients as their financial advisor as well as a privilege to serve many of my colleagues as their branch manager, mentor and friend. Prior to this time, I spent 12 years in my previous career as a paramedic in Toronto. I now serve people's financial needs, instead of their emergency health care needs, with the conviction to truly help others in meaningful ways, which is the driving motivation behind all of my work. This is my calling! This is what fuels my energy every day to always be there for my clients, looking out for their best interests… and for solutions to serve their interests best.

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Jamie Dowd, BSc., ITIL
Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer

One of the most exciting opportunities for me as a technology professional is to be part of an initiative that will quantifiably improve people's lives, professions and ability to do the things that they want to do. This and the opportunity to work closely with financial planning advisors, portfolio managers and industry leaders who are passionate about serving clients, innovating in both business and technology, and challenging the status quo to deliver meaningful and relevant solutions, is exactly what has drawn me to Glidepath ... and is what is so rewarding to me on both a personal and professional level.

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Arthur Goldberg, CPA, CA, BSc.
Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer

A casual discussion about the financial services world brought me to Glidepath Portfolio Services Inc. Immediately I found this to be a unique and exciting opportunity. One rarely comes upon a business that says, “this is what I need to be involved with”. I saw that Glidepath, through its focus on empowering financial planning and portfolio management professionals through its collaborative goals-based platform and service, has facilitated the bridge to finally integrate financial planning and investment management... and in doing so, Glidepath has created a scalable way to best serve each client personally and professionally, as a team, supported by state of the art financial planning and portfolio management technology. I am delighted to be part of this great team of professionals pursuing our mission of technology enhanced service together.

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Chris Fontana, CFA
Managing Director, National Sales

The values and mission statement of Glidepath dovetail exactly with how I have striven to conduct myself throughout my career in the asset management industry. In other words, be honourable, respectful and fair. Strive to provide value and help to enhance the wealth professional-client relationship. I have always believed that by putting the client first, the rest will take care of itself.

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Want to Serve Your Clients with Glidepath Portfolio Services?

Whether you are working through an MFDA dealer, IIROC brokerage, MGA insurance agency or as an independent financial planning consultant/family office, if you would like to serve your clients' goals based investment plan implementation needs with Glidepath, we have the programs in place to support you. Please contact us today or schedule a meeting with us and we'll get started together.

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