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Portfolio Management Fees

Annual fee on assets under management billed monthly.

You are provided with an account held in your name at BBS Securities Inc., a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

Financial Planning / Fees for Services

Professional services rendered by your Financial Planning Advisor are defined, along with the fees for those services, in a separate fee schedule offered by your Financial Planning Advisor.

Please consult your Financial Planning Advisor for their specific fees for services schedule.

Additional Fees Paid to Other Parties

Glidepath Portfolio Services has a discounted volume pricing arrangement with BBS Securities Inc. For Glidepath Portfolio Services clients, BBS Securities Inc. charges $0.01 per share for ETF trades subject to a minimum charge of $1.50 per trade.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) used in the portfolios managed by Glidepath Portfolio Services have an average MER of 0.25%.

BBS Securities Inc. uses Computershare Limited ("Computershare") as the trustee for all registered accounts. Computershare charges a quarterly Trustee fee of $2.50 per registered account.

Other BBS Securities Inc. Service Charges and Registered Plan Fees may apply. For additional information please contact your participating Financial Planning Advisor. BBS Securities Inc. pricing is subject to change.

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